From Founders to Fans…Continuing Sources of Inspiration

  • Park

    Director/Head Coach of CrossFit ETB, which is a part of Easton Training Center Boulder

    Why is what you eat important to you?:
    We are what we eat! The food we eat is the fuel for the life we lead and I try and lead the healthiest, most active life I can. I can feel a massive difference in my sleep, productivity level, and energy level when I’m eating real, whole foods.

    What is your favorite workout?:
    Oh man...that is a tough one! There are just so many awesome options… If I really had to narrow down to my absolute favorite it would probably look something like this…

    In 20 minutes perform as many rounds as possible of…
    5 Power Cleans
    5 Pull-ups
    10 Push-ups
    15 Air Squats

    All of these workouts are really just to make me stronger for mountain biking, which is hands down my favorite hobby!

    What’s your favorite fuel from Zeal?:
    I could eat the Chicken Mojo every day!!

    How would you like people to keep up with you?
    Come check out CF ETB/Easton Training Center, your first workout is on us! Find out more info at www.crossfitetb.com and follow us @cf_etb. Also check out my personal account on instagram @p.roberts.

  • Jo

    Entrepreneur, Yogi Enthusiasts

    Jo discovered the benefits and healing powers of clean eating after a cycling accident in 2004 left her with a spinal injury and a long road to recovery. view details

  • Keely and Darby

    Students, Sisters, Enthusiasts

    Passionate about good clean food – though often they approach their Dad’s kitchen experimentation with just a bit of healthy skepticism view details

  • Julie

    Mom, Entrepreneur, Coach, Enthusiast

    Jules, as she is known to her friends and family, is firmly grounded in the stratosphere of life, which is to say she is anything but earthbound! view details

  • Dori and Holly

    Telemark Skiers, Gardeners, Mothers, Enthusiasts

    Well suited to a life in the Rocky Mountains, mother and daughter have both rooted deep into the Colorado lifestyle and won’t be leaving it any time soon. view details

  • Wayde Jester

    Founder, Chief Enthusiast

    Inspired by the possibility of a better way to fuel an active lifestyle and a better way to treat the earth that supports us. view details

  • Tristan

    Runner, Coach, Enthusiast

    As passionate about seeing others reach their goals as achieving his own, this intensely focused man has a zeal for living life to the fullest.  view details