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  • Travel Boulder

    "Zeal on Pearl Street has a 72-hour bone broth bar, where you get a cup of hot broth and can add, mix and match different spices and flavors from the bar (think: salad bar, but smaller)."

  • Colorado Avid Golfer

    "There’ll be no ham-and-egging—unless, of course, it’s organically, locally and sustainably sourced—at Zeal."

  • Boulderite Magazine

    "Zeal is so quintessentially Boulder: house-pressed juices on tap along with locally brewed kombucha; your choice of quinoa, brown rice, or cauliflower rice (read: cauliflower); pasture-raised bacon; microbrews on tap. It's modern, bright, pickled, juiced, and so globally influenced that it's basically American."

  • Conde Nast Traveler

    Boulder is known for its love of the green stuff—both of the psychedelic and vegetal varieties. While you can legally get both, the butter coffee and veggie bowl at Zeal...

  • Boulder Lifestyle

    "We visited the bright, modern bistro and were met with smiling chefs and baristas whose commitment to “real” food shone through at every angle to customers. Zeal offers breakfast, lunch, small plates, and dinner items as well as an extensive array of juices for the “conscious cleanser.” “Zeal” means great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. To say this definition fits is an understatement."